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All our mobile health solutions share a common design philosophy: they are developed to be user-friendly, helping hospitals and healthcare providers engage patients and their loved ones in more meaningful ways. Our founding team has forty-combined years of bedside, clinical experience and over two decades of software engineering that has provided us the insight and expertise to ensure our technology is a 'mobile health coach with bedside manner'.

StrokeCalc & ER

StrokeCalc is a provider-facing clinical assessment and scoring tool, which allows any clinician to perform the NIHSS exam in the same amount of time and with the same confidence as a neurologist. Our StrokeCalc is designed to reduce the time to life/limb-saving therapy, potentially decreasing disabilities and improving outcomes.

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StrokeApp is personalRN's solution to address the frustration that stroke survivors and their loved ones feel about the quality of inpatient care and education they receive. Upon discharge, many lack the knowledge or skills to self-manage their chronic illness. StrokeApp was designed for stroke survivors, their loved ones and caregivers, and closes the gap in patient education and engagement as a patient-facing iPad application delivering customized inpatient stroke education that is specific to the patient’s type, location, and severity of stroke.

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Post-meDiary discharge

StrokeApp's content is actionable & encourages users to interact with the “meDiary”, a repository of personal health information & educational content curated by the user throughout hospitalization. Enhanced patient education allows improved communication with doctors and nurses resulting in more compliance, informed decisions and better outcomes.

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Our Team

Kourosh Parsapour, MD MBACofounder & CEO

Kourosh Parsapour, MD MBA

Cofounder & CEO

Dr. Kourosh Parsapour has over 15 years of clinical experience in pediatrics, emergency medicine and critical care. His background in technology-enabled healthcare solutions started with his first faculty appointment at University of California, Davis Children’s Hospital in 2005. His research and numerous publications in telemedicine culminated in his first startup, Telepeds. Specialists on Call, the leading provider of tele-stroke services, acquired Telepeds within its first year. Subsequent to his successful exit, he obtained his Healthcare Executive MBA from UC Irvine and remains very passionate about using innovative and relevant technology to improve the quality and accessibility to affordable healthcare.

  • As a neuro-rehab occupational therapist, physicians refer their patients to me upon discharge to home. Both the stroke survivor and family members are completely overwhelmed and confused with all the information and change that has taken place. Educational and engagement tools like StrokeApp offer the capability to begin the management of care with the most important parts; knowing what happened, when it happened, how it will affect them and what they should consider. Information and communication are everything to rehabilitation and recovery. personalRN promotes the elements of the medical home and supports our therapeutic interventions to meaningful outcomes.

    Tammy Richmond, MS OTR/L FAOTAOccupational Therapist and Exercise Physiologist
  • As Director of the CA Telehealth Resource Center, I've visited 200+ hospitals and clinics throughout CA in the past 18 months. Hospitals that are understaffed and overwhelmed with patient volume are seeking technological solutions to help with condition-specific, just-in-time patient education and care coordination in order to improve quality of care as well as long-term patient outcomes. personalRN is exciting to me because it not only helps with patient education and care empowerment, it helps health systems save staff time and money. What's most impressive and unique about personalRN is the app is designed by clinicians who are experts in the field, so you know the information the patient receives is timely, accurate and effective.

    Kathy ChorbaExecutive Director, California Telehealth Resource Center
  • I am an Emergency Physician at an academic center. I have evaluated this application and it is a very innovative concept that will be very useful in the Emergency Department. It capitalizes on the downtime many patients experience while being treated in the ED by educating patients about their condition. It gives them a clear road map on what to expect in terms of treatment plan. Furthermore, the concepts are presented in a fashion that is easy for the layperson to understand.

    Andrew Wong, MD MBAMedical Director, Department of Emergency Medicine, UC Irvine Medical Center